When a HAWK visits… you STOP!

Signs…  as I am writing this the Tesla song is playing in my mind:

Signs signs everywhere are signs
do this
don’t do that
can’t you read the signs
Last Thursday, December 6, 2012, I was looking for a sign… I was praying for a sign… I was literally praying for a sign in the exact moment that it arrived.
Hawk Visit part 1
Hawk Visit part 2
Hawk Visit part 3
When a HAWK visits… you STOP!!!
The past few days I have been completely consumed and obsessed by my visit with this most magnificent creature that is the HAWK! A hawk at my window, a hawk in Harlem… this is something that doesn’t happen every day.  After the shock and fear that was filling me subsided, I immediately shifted into OK ALICIA STOP! Breathe… get quiet… stay calm… enjoy this moment… this is a huge gift, a message and a tremendous sign for you… pay attention… get still… stay in this moment and really SEE what is right in front of you!
What was I doing right before this beautiful hawk landed at my window?
I was meditating on INTENTION!!! I was meditating on TRUTH and INTEGRITY! I had just read text that was reminding me that I must always stand in my authentic self!
I was thinking about my future, my expectations, my goals and the seeds that I have planted. And then it happened… she arrived… she arrived to bring me a message! She arrived to confirm everything! She came to show me something!  We stared at each other for such a long time. When she looked at me she told me she trusted me… she saw into my soul and I saw hers… she told me that I needed to TRUST more… reminding me that I must believe that all that I desire is already here. She brought me peace. She shared her meal with me.
I have always understood that I am surrounded by blessings, found in people and opportunities that have arrived in my life.  However, there are many more blessings that I don’t see–and these are the ones that I am being called to stand in gratitude for… many of these blessings have gone unnoticed… this was one of those signs that I just couldn’t miss or ignore! This blessing was for ME, my daughter… my family… my friends… all those in my life… This moment was HUGE! And I am open to receiving all of it…
I am so thrilled to have shared this moment with so many people in my life because what I know is that she arrived to show me how massive she is… she came to show me how MASSIVE I AM! Her intention was to confirm and alleviate any doubt and ALL of my fears. It was a cleansing.. a purging… the ultimate RELEASING OF THAT WHICH DOES NOT SERVE ME!
I am so glad she allowed me to photograph and get so close to her. I am so grateful she visited me. I am so grateful for the blessings she has bestowed upon me and our home.
For this QUEEN, this HAWK… She, this God/Goddess, this magnificent, majestic, regal messenger who arrived to show me WHO I AM and ALL THAT HAS ARRIVED FOR ME and ALL THAT IS ON ITS WAY TO ME… for this and for everything in my life… I am so grateful!
She had one more thing to tell me before leaving… she made it a point to perch herself on my fire escape, glancing at me one last time when she told me, “ALICIA, PAY ATTENTION! NOW IS THE TIME! TAKE ACTION! YOUR GUARDIAN ANGELS ARE WITH YOU… YOUR SPACE IS CRAZY PROTECTED… YOU ARE A FORCE… YOU ARE A BEAST! YOU ARE A HUNTER! NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU! IT IS TIME TO SOAR! No more hesitation… the message has been delivered and received!
And so it is~ Maferefun Chango, Maferefun Ochossi… Santo Cristo de Olofi! Aché

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