Afrolatinos College Challege!

Afrolatinos College Challege!

What’s up family! It’s Alicia Anabel Santos from Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story!

I have visited many of you and we have spoken at length about what you can do to help. Some of the most historical movements were started by students and I am here to put you to the challenge!

We have talked about the many issues effecting these communities: the exclusion of history in texts, social justice issues, lack of resources, extreme poverty, inequality, discrimination, limited access to education and healthcare, and lack of media representation just to name a few.

You are in a wonderful position to make a difference for over 150 million Afrolatinos. You have the power to make significant change and give voice to this invisilized community.

We can’t do this without you!


The top five schools with the most signatures on the Afrolatinos: UN LLAMADO petition will win a video conference/presentation.

In the Indiegogo campaign the prizes are listed. There is an opportunity for members of your school to travel with Afrolatinos in the field, research your DNA and visit the communities we are celebrating! The schools that raise the most money will be able to send a representative to travel with us and visit an Afrolatino community!

Let’s make this go viral.





Thank you for your continued support!

In solidarity! Aché

Alicia & Renzo!

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