There is a moment as an artist when you just know!

When you just know why you are here!
When you understand what you are here to do!
When you listen to that inner voice that makes you just a little bit nauseous!

That moment when you release every single excuse and reason for not doing it and just WRITE THE STORY!

This moment for me was I WAS BORN!

In that moment I just knew that I WAS BORN to write this story. The story of womyn from all over the world through the Latina experience!

This story is I WAS BORN!

Excerpt from – I WAS BORN the play. Womyn Without VOICES/Mujeres Sin VOCES event – December 14, 2010 at the LGBT Center NYC. Performed by: Meriam Rodriguez, Jennifer “Skye” Cabrera, Jenny Perez, and Alicia Anabel Santos

I WAS BORN has started it’s 2013 College Tour.

For booking email: findingyourforce@gmail.com!


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