On this Mother’s Day~

There are so many womyn who desperately want to be mothers.  I am thinking about these beautiful, brilliant, amazing, loving and strong womyn today.

Today my wish is for them—for all the womyn who want the experience of breathing life into the world and having a child of their own.

Today I am sending them so much love, so much faith and hope for their deepest desire of motherhood to come true.

Today I am also thinking about all the womyn who are celebrating their first Mother’s Day. I am happy, grateful and honored to share this Mother’s Day with you! May everyday remind you of the miracle it is to influence, love and protect something so perfect as a child!

Today I am thinking about my grandmothers, aunts, guardian angels, guias espirituales and all the womyn from my ancestral line who are no longer here but who I carry with me everyday with every breath and prayer.

Today I am thinking of my Godmother, aunts, cousins, friends, sisters who in so many ways have taught me how to be a strong mother!

Today I am thinking about my MOTHER~ Carmen Alicia Anabel, I am the womyn I am because of you. I hope that I am just as great a mother to Courtney as you are to me. I love you.

Today I am thinking of YOU! Happy Mother’s Day! May today be a day where you are recognized for the amazing womyn that you are! Today and everyday I celebrate YOU!

Feliz Dia de las Madres!



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