Afrolatina Wrap Up and Social Issues Twitter Party~

For those of you who missed by far one of our most live conversations on Afrolatinas / La Mujer Negra. The responses were on point and the conversation last night went way over our time. We covered a wide range of topics here are last nights questions:

è What roles did women play during slavery in Latin America? What roles do Afrolatinas play today? #unllamado

è Q2: What are some Afrolatina stereotypes? #unllamado

è Q3-p1: How are Afrolatina’s objectified? #unllamado

è Q3-p2: What is it about the Afrolatina/black female body that is viewed as exotic or sexually preferable? #unllamado

è Q4: Are Latino men more machista than men of other races? #unllamado

è Q5 – pt 1: Do Afrolatina’s receive the bulk of the disrespect in Latin America from men? #unllamado

è Q5 – pt 2: Are Afrolatina’s disrespected more because they are black? #unllamado

è Q6: Are light skin Latinas more desirable than Afrolatinas? #unllamado

è Q7: Do Afrolatina’s feel more pressure to achieve a European ideal and reject their African features? #unllamado



RT @IAmMrsWalsh: @DiosaDominicana They’re raised very diff from AfLa women. They’re catered to by their moms and expect it from their women. #UNLLAMADO

RT @YnannaRising: @DiosaDominicana @DaHomieK we also have to take into account how women participant in machismo #unllamado

RT @PalanteLatino: RT @DiosaDominicana: Afrolatinas not only have 2 combat objectification that comes with being a woman but also 2nd class citizens #unllamado

RT @Drea718: @DiosaDominicana they desire the afrolatina but society doesnt except that so they end up with the light skin latina #unllamado

RT @senseijahnal: @DiosaDominicana in our culture they are, solely because of the eurocentrism that we continue to perpetuate. #unllamado

RT @Miss_Rizos: @AFROLATINOSTV @DiosaDominicana depends on the client, in the DR most Europeans look 4 Black sex, Dominicans however prefer light women #unllamado

FINAL QUESTION: What are we doing now to reject these stereotypes.. what are we doing to support our black women everywhere #UNLLAMADO

@shhushyourlips Raising our kids differently than we were. Creating new “stereotypes”, rejecting the old ones. #UNLLAMADO

@IvyFarguheson believe it, live it, breathe it, walk it, talk it, think it, feel it and pass it on!! #unllamado

@shhushyourlips Thats why it is important that the Afrolatinos the untaught story be completed! #unllamado


Don’t miss next week’s conversation when we go deeper and talk about Social Issues that are effecting Afrolatino communities present day.

Let’s talk about census, racism, interracial relations, unemployment, displacement, education, poverty and invisibility!

Join us next TUESDAY, MAY 28TH at 9:00pm


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