Ask for what you want! Watch it arrive!

Ask for what you want! Watch it arrive!

Last night was an evening of transformation. I attended the most empowering film screening for a documentary entitled, “Nosotros, Afro-Peruanos” (We, Afro-Peruvians). The Director, Gabriella Watson shares her journey of self-discovery and provides us with a history lesson on the African Diaspora in Peru. She was born in Brasil of Peruvian parents and is very proud of her Afro-Brazilian roots, but something was missing for her. She went home! Her homeland—Peru! I admire this young filmmaker for the courage it took to journey into areas that are foreign to her because she didn’t grow up in Afro-Peruvian culture—the only thing she took with her was a handheld camera and a desperate desire to search for her roots and share her findings with the world. Please check out her project and spread the word about the great work she is doing!

Last night reminded me of something amazing…

There truly are incredible people in the world doing fantastic work that should be recognized and celebrated.

Myself included!

Ask for what you want!

When the journey get’s complicated, stressful, there is no steady income to pay the bills and your facing eviction it can become challenging to hold on to faith and continue this journey of living your passion. There are moments when we question everything, humanity, God, the world and our reasons for doing what we do!

Then something happens…

Something shows up to remind you why you are doing all of this! Something reminds you why you wake up every single day regardless of whether or not there is food in the refrigerator! You get up anyway! You move anyway! You write anyway! Even though you can’t see it or touch it—you believe anyway! You continue to do what you were born to do no matter what is that seems to be happening around you or to you!

Several months ago I had the first of many conversations with my Executive Producer, Renzo Devia about where we were with the project and how we were not going to be able to continue because there is just NO MONEY! Bottom line was that we would both have to put Afrolatinos on hold and try to find jobs again to finish the film.

I felt desperate. I felt like I couldn’t take that as an answer. It was unacceptable. We have to come too far! We have sacrificed everything! I have almost lost everything several times! My faith would not allow myself to believe “that this was it! I did not want to believe that this was as far as I could go!”

Then I received an email from a young woman who was excited about discovering the trailer for Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story and immediately she offered her services in any way that she could. In that moment I understood that she was an angel sent to remind me that when I ASK—the universe always responds. To Kayla Lattimore I am so grateful because she has come on board and helped us with this incredibly RICH and BEAUTIFUL project. She has brought with her some of the most innovative ways of using social media. We are such a strong team working tirelessly to ensure that Afrolatinos is seen worldwide! THANK YOU—Kayla you are my wing-woman!

Last week I received an email invitation from Amilcar Maceo Priestley, Director of Proyecto Afrolatin@ to the “Nosotros, Afro-Peruanos” film screening, I was incredibly moved by his email. He invited me to attend not only in support of the film being screened but he graciously opened and shared the space with me to talk for a few minutes about the Afrolatinos: La Historia Que Nunca Nos Contaron—Un LLamado Campaign!

In that moment I was reminded to hold onto my faith in people, in community, and to know that solidarity does exist. I was reminded that we cannot do this alone! That we do not have to do it alone! I am reminded that there are so many people who are willing to help and support one another. THANK YOU Amilcar, Gabrielle and Monica Carillo, Founder of LUNDU for sharing last night with us!

It doesn’t stop there… other people have started showing up as the most amazing followers on twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram and linkedn to whom we are so grateful for all of their support in spreading the word.

We are so grateful for all that we are receiving! HOWEVER,

We need more!

We need more help!

We need more support!

We need more financial contributions!

I have been thinking about many of the Latino, African American, Cultural and Community Organizations, Women’s Organizations, and LGBTQ community wondering…

Where are they?

Why haven’t they stepped up?

Why haven’t they come on board?

Where are all my friends and revolutionaries?

The answer is simple—I HAVEN’T ASKED!

So today I am asking for what I want:

I need supporters of arts, promoters of culture, those who are interested in the preservation of history and passing down of oral traditions!

I need supporters of education and advocacy!

I NEED THREE PHILANTHROPIST who will donate $20,000 each towards the Un Llamado Campaign!

This is what I want! I have asked!

And so it is!


To all of those who have been by my side—thank you!


Watch the trailer:

DONATE DONATE DONATE to our indiegogo #UNLLAMADO campaign

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