The Greatest Thing We Possess As Humans!

We have two days to make history! One of the greatest things that we possess as humans is the ability to create sustainable change in various ways! We are all capable of making difference. We are all here to do something significant. This is why we are here… to learn from one another, to share our traditions, to preserve our history and pass down all of what is learned to the generations that follow.

“I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence would save us, but it won’t.” – Audre Lorde

During my visit to Haiti pre-earthquake, we were faced with an incredible amount of poverty and chaos. Then the earthquake of 2010 happened completely devastating the nation and killing over 200,000 people. What I understood about that experience is the power media plays in helping inform, create awareness, and bring people together in solidarity to help work on humanitarian efforts. In a NYTIMES article, which measured 2,000 natural disasters over a 40-year time span, it is estimated that the cost could be $7.2 billion to $13.2 billion, based on a death toll of 200,000 to 250,000. With your help we can spread the message about these communities and create sustainable change.

150 million Afrolatinos account for 30% of the population throughout Latin America, 92% live in extreme poverty and 70% are women and children most of whom have limited access to employment opportunities, health and education. It is crucial that we complete this documentary so that we can begin the work of creating solutions to change this! We have over 200 hours of interviews and over 10,000 images shot from our journey. We are at the finish line!

Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story documentary is my life work! I am passionate about this project, the people and ensuring that this story be told.

Trailer for Afrolatinos:

This is why I write! I write so that our stories will not be forgotten. I write so that our history may be honored and preserved. I am the Writer and Producer for Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story and am writing to you today because I need your help. I am writing as a woman of color. I am writing as a Latina. I am writing as a lesbian. I am writing because I am the voice of 150 million Afro descendants in Latin America who are waiting for me to deliver on my promise to help their story be told. I am writing to you today because I need $60,000 to complete this story.

I have traveled with my partner Renzo Devia for five years throughout Latin America filming this amazingly beautiful story. I have visited the most impoverished communities in the world a total of 18 countries. This is the time to tell this story. This is the moment we have worked so hard for. Afrolatinos is an important piece of history. It is a seven part documentary series that once completed will be seen all over the world, textbooks will be created on the subject matter, it will be taught in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as in universities.

We invite friends, supporters, contributors, bloggers and writers to help us spread the word! Post widely on all social media, email everyone you know about this important story!  Our campaign ends in two days! Together we can make history!

For information on our project please see the links below. Please consider contributing a generous donation to our indiegogo campaign:

Message from Alicia:
Be apart of this movement!

In solidarity!
Alicia Anabel Santos

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