Feeding our creativity!


Good morning beloved writers!

Today I wake up with each of you and your stories on my mind.

There is an openness that is required to achieve the end results we are looking for in that first draft. It requires not only commitment and discipline but a hunger to arrive.

This is what we are working towards feeding that hunger and filling our pages.

My deepest desire for you is that you wake up everyday thinking about your story and taking the necessary steps daily. I can guarantee you that with me you will write from the womb, from the deepest parts of you but what I expect is that you will carve out time and write on your own. Live in your story. Get lost in your story. Stay present! Be honest with yourself, honor where you are if something does not feel good write that. If something rises that scares you write that. If something comes up that seems absolutely insane write that too.

Writing is not always easy but with daily practice you will strengthen a muscle and get better!

Have a wonderful week!

With love and blessings,

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