Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there…


I feel the fear of

Uncertainty stinging clear…

And I

 can’t help but ask myself

how much I let the fear

take the wheel and steer!

I should be the one behind the wheel!

Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there…

With open eyes and open arms”

~ Lyrics by Incubus

Good morning day! Today my body woke me up early to begin this day! I am feeling so many things. We are reflections of one another!

Picture 59

I was looking in the mirror having a quiet conversation with myself and thinking about a friend, loss, writing, memoir and the overall writing process. I am thinking about WHAT IT TAKES! What it takes to sit with certain moments. Mostly what I am thinking about today is writing and what it took for me to write my memoir (a process that I am still going through two years after writing and publishing it).

Writing that book felt like a matter of life and death! It was like poison sitting in my body that I had to get out. I felt like it was killing me a little each day that went by that I didn’t tell my story. Today I can admit that while I WENT THERE… there is still so much further to go.

We can’t just live life-ignoring things… just putting a Band-Aid on it.

Writing is NOT easy!

Becoming Vulnerable requires us to really sit with the discomfort and tell the truth about the experience (OUR TRUTH)! Sometimes it’s reliving certain moments over and over again until we get it right!

Being Vulnerable is ripping off the band-aid and allowing the blood to drip onto the floor… it’s feeling everything and exposing things for what they are. Writing from a vulnerable place is the most beautiful expression of love—of self-love! Its allowing people to see us naked and pushing shame and blame out of the way.

In my memoir Finding Your Force A Journey to Love I wrote with an intention. I knew exactly what I would be writing about, covering moments from my life from 1992-2011. When I finished writing that story so much shifted inside of me and I realized that the story that must be written is what happened to me from 1971-1991.

Yes writing is scary! It’s scary beautiful! Things will rise that will completely throw us off our center and alarm us, but writing can also save our lives.

We are never alone. Join me July 1st for my 30 Days to Becoming Vulnerable~ a writing workshop (click link for more details)!

“It’s driven me before

and it seems to be the way

That everyone else

gets around

But lately I’m

beginning to find

that when I drive myself

my light is found…”

Have an amazing day!

And so it is~


To register for: 30 Days to Becoming Vulnerable!

Song I am listening to… “Drive” by Incubus.

Copyright © 2013 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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