Noche Bohemia ~ Bohemian Night GALDE Event: OPEN MIC TONIGHT!


A place of our own! On many occasions I have searched for a place where I belong. I have looked for spaces that felt safe, where I could be accepted for being who I am, for a place where I can share my words and not be ridiculed but understood. And I am so excited to share that I have many spaces like this… the NYC Latina Writers Group is just one of these spaces that gives me this sense of belonging and purpose and now GALDE is a new space for me to be able to come out and be who I am!

GALDE: Gay and Lesbian Dominican Empowerment Organization

Join us tonight as we share some private parts of ourselves and for an evening filled with love, laughter, music, cocktails, poetry, prose and love. All are welcome… LGBTQ Community and our ALLIES… what a wonderful way to ring in PRIDE WEEKEND! Open Mic: bring your words and let’s share!

Hosted by: Yoseli Castillo


Norma Guillard directly from Cuba will present Catherine Murphy’s documentary Maestras, a film about Cuba’s Literacy Revolution at Bohemian Night. 941156_10151733254864414_1258990873_n


LGBTQ Bohemian Night Featuring Alicia Anabel Santos, Sargenta G ( Deyanira Garcia), Carlo Baldi, Demetrius Daniel, Andreína M. García, Wendy Angulo and my boy ~ Open Mic!!!

Tonight: Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where: Da Urban Butterflies

563 W 183rd. St. (Audubon & St. Nicholas Ave) NY, NY

$ 5.00 Sug. Donation

(GALDE Fundraiser)


About GALDE:

GALDE seeks to increase the political visibility of the Dominican LGBT community and to provide HIV and health awareness, educational, and cultural activities. GALDE provides a safe space and essential human services to empower, educate and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Dominicans. They also combat homophobia through outreach to the wider community.



Copyright © 2013 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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