You are more than this!

“Being thinned skinned… I hate lies. I can’t bare them! Not understanding the power of the truth. Truth is so powerful. I never understood why people make things up…”

“But if you become thick skinned it will destroy your sensitivity as an artist. So I don’t mind saying I’m thin skinned!” Barbra Streisand

I have spent the past few days re-charging. Refilling my cup! Reminding myself of certain truths! While I was watching the Actors Studio the other day I listened as Barbra talked about being thick skinned… how it can make us too tough… resistant to change and the truth that comes with being open and committed. She also talked about having a strong sense of self and her commitment to making Yentl her directorial debut and a movie she starred in about a young girl in eastern Europe living in a place where the world of study belonged only to men and where she was taught by her father in secret.

The importance of COMMITMENT!

This has been my meditation for several days now…

What am I committed to?

How will I follow through on my commitment?

What will I do to get there?

What are the necessary steps?

Getting out of my own way… releasing all fears… releasing all judgments… and moving forward anyway!

Being committed doesn’t mean that we have to change who we are to be accepted in this world. It isn’t about out doing anyone. It isn’t about being hard on the outside to achieve what we desire!

It is about improving ourselves!

It is about having a strong sense of self.

I have written a lot over the years about commitment and why I have a low tolerance for excuses!

Today what I remembering that WHAT IT REALLY TAKES to have everything we desire—is COMMITMENT and a WILLINGNESS to go after it!

Of course along with commitment requires practice, learning, application, dedication, discipline and follow through… but it’s the FOLLOW THROUGH that is most important!

Today I am in a new place today!

Today I am remembering the importance of aligning myself by things, places and people who are where I want to be and can teach me how to get there!

Today I am remembering that I am MORE than this!

Today I am remembering that I deserve everything I have been blessed with and deserve all that is on its way to me!

TODAY I AM COMMITTED to following through and arriving!

“You are seen as you see yourself!” ~Barbra Streisand

How do you see yourself? What are you committed to?

Have an amazing day!

And so it is~


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“Inside The Actors Studio – Barbra Streisand” on YouTube

Song I am listening to… “Yentl Medley, Where is it written where I’m meant to be…” Barbra Streisand

Copyright © 2013 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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