Meditation ~ The Love I Seek

Thunder and lightening flashing all around me ….
pavement wet.
heart beating fast.
Wind blowing through the trees. Messages for me…
sky dark….
flashes of white light throughout my house.

Today will be filled with possibilities ♥

Are you open?

Can you see it?

I do!


The sky was dark one moment… lightening hit and the clouds opened. The sky is bright again. I feel so at peace this morning .. tranquil…. so filled with love.

While I sat in meditation my eyes filled with tears.

Today I am meditating on the love we seek. This feeling that something or someone is missing and that I am somehow incomplete. The thoughts that if I only had that womyn in my life I would finally feel complete.

There is nothing I lack.

I am reminded today that the love I seek is seeking me.

Today I am preparing for that love.

And so it is~

With love,
Alicia Anabel

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