The Post-Mortem on The March “with” Washington – A Reinvented Martin Luther King, Jr. | Grassroots Thinking

Excellent article. … reposted.

“Something is wrong with capitalism as it now stands in the United States. We are not interested in being integrated into this value structure… a radical redistribution of power must take place.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Remember Dr. King called the United States the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. King, whose final public break with the Johnson administration was his stand against the U.S. war on Vietnam, would no doubt have taken a similar stance against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the not so secrete drone warfare in Yemen and Pakistan. From still being the leading arms seller in the world to its multiple threats of future bombings, the US has only stepped up its idea of using violence to make the world bend to its will. Dr. King we should presume would not be an advocate of this and would point out the obvious hypocrisy of so many celebrating his non-violence stance while saying so little against US violence worldwide.

Racial and Economic Justice – Usually racial harmony is most easily invoked when speaking about Dr. King. The 2013  version of the “dream” acknowledges progress has been made on integrating america, you know the black President, a plethora of middle of the road democratic elected officials, about three more black Oscar award winners (only one actually played a maid), a Video Music Award show with bad imitations of black music and culture by white performers without any black award winners, you know full integration, the type when they don’t really need you for anymore.”

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