Awakening from a Writing Hiatus!

Good morning beloved writers,

Summer has passed. We are quickly approaching the end of September.

This morning I am awakening from a hiatus.

A writing hiatus…

It is really important to reflect during the writing process.

My practice calls for a combination of things; meditation, research, reading, listening to music, watching films, inspiration from other writers and then coming back to the page and actually writing.

So for the remainder of 2013 my vow to me is to do just that–WRITE!!!

It is not only what I do but it is who I am!

I am being called to complete the novel I’ve been writing for seven years and begin other projects.

After my next round of workshops that will be starting in several weeks I will only be offering one on one writing sessions limiting my time to six writers.
But this is not all I wanted to share.

As I prepare this morning for my 1on1 session, I am focused on her story, her needs, her characters and their voice. I am meditating on the theme of scene development and its importance in storytelling. 

I am so honored to walk with writers as they push their stories further.

For more information and to RSVP for one of the upcoming workshops:

1) Becoming Vulnerable 30 Day Writing Challenge

2) Writing from the Womb – 6 week workshop

3) Writing With Intention: The Male Voice – 6 week workshop

4) One on one Writing Sessions

Email me at

Here is a wonderful blog on scenes.

Let’s get to work! 

And so it is.


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