I am sorry for your loss…

I was about to leave the hospital when I saw a sign, “CHAPEL” with an arrow pointing forward. There is something really peaceful about chapels, churches, mosques, synagogues, domes, caves, museums and arenas… something sacred about these types of temples. I decided to come to the chapel and write.


How many tears have been shed here in this space?

How many hearts broken?

How many lives lost?


Natural causes
Unexpected outcomes
Cosas de la vida

With the final words being said to family members, “We did everything we could! There was nothing more we could do! I am so sorry for your loss.”

As I sit here in the chapel after my appointment I too am crying, I am crying for broken promises, I am crying for understanding, I am crying for people in my life… what some call meditation, setting intentions, clearing space, getting still, being open, vision boards, dreams, goal setting, writing and creating life plans… today I will openly call PRAYER!




In this space I can feel all the prayers and tears that these marble floors have felt… all the pain these walls carry, the many people who have sat in the pews communing with the invisible, those who have walked up and down these aisles kneeling at the foot of the altar before the holy trinity pleading for answers and miracles.

Staring at these beautiful stain glass windows that display images of the sick, the bed ridden, the hopeless and the scared.

On these magnificent windows the words:

I was hungered, ye gave me eat
I was thirty, ye gave me drink
I was naked, ye clothed me
I was in prison and ye came unto me
I was a stranger and ye took me in
I was sick ….

There is something beautiful about prayer… praying… believing in…


Prayers for cures…
Prayers for healing…
Prayers of gratitude…
Prayers of forgiveness and to be forgiven…
Prayers for wishes to come true…
Prayers with requests… petitions… needs, hopes, and desires…



We are all praying for something…
We are each praying for things…
We are praying for people…
We are praying for ourselves…

We may not call it by its name… but to me it is prayer and it is powerful.

In the core of me I pray…

I pray for peace.
I pray for love.
I pray for completion.
I pray for connection.
I pray for joy.
I pray for health.
I pray for my mom and dad, my sisters and brother, my cousins, my nieces and nephews, my aunts and uncles, my abuelo.
I pray for everyone who prays their prayer will be answered.

Sometimes we just need a little faith in the hardest of times and especially in the greatest of times.

So today I give thanks… and I pray.

I will pray for you… and I will pray for me.


I know you will guide me… you always guide me.

I know you will provide for me… you always provide for me.

I know you will love me… you always love me.

I know you will give me everything I need… you always give me exactly what I need.

I know you will protect me and those I love… you always protect me and those I love.

I know you will fill me… you always fill me.

I know that in this moment I lack nothing because you provide me with everything!

And so it is~

One thought on “I am sorry for your loss…

  1. I’ve been studying various religions for many years, there is always comfort to be found in prayer, and travel and prayer always offer a similar lesson, we are all much more alike than we are different. I’m glad you were able to carve out a space for yourself where you were able to focus, get centered and get inspired!


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