A Woman’s Worth ~


What are we worth? What do we believe is the value of what we have to offer?

I am in the process of writing a keynote entitled “A Woman’s Worth $”

I am so honored to be invited to deliver the keynote address this weekend at Lebanon Valley College’s, Women’s Leadership Symposium.

The keynote will address a woman’s rightful place at a table usually reserved for men; where we stop waiting for an invitation and begin to shift our beliefs from lack and limitation to self worth and discovering our true value in the world. Gone are the days where women are complacent, submissive and grateful for scraps. Women, especially Latinas, are speaking out more and more about the inequalities we experience in the workforce… earning less than our male and white female counterparts and expected to feel grateful we even have a job.

What would happen if more women walked away from opportunities that were less than they deserve? What would happen if women demanded more?

What are we worth?

Lebanon Valley College Women’s Leadership Symposium Link to website

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