Meditation ~ Doing what you love!

How do you wake up in the morning?

Are you the kind of person who jumps out of the bed and gets right into the day go… go… go… Do you begin your day with a spiritual practice, yoga, exercise, meditation, morning pages, chants or prayers? Every morning before I begin my day as I rise from the bed placing one foot at a time on the floor I silently give thanks for living another day. Today and everyday I give thanks that I get to do what I love.

In this past week I have met the most amazing leaders…. mostly all womyn doing phenomenal things.


I delivered a keynote at Lebanon Valley College, had an incredible conversation on NPR with Michel Martin, my article was published in Latina magazine on Dominican-Haitians, and I was a part of an incredible panel discussion at Bryn Mawr on (Re) Shaping Media Representations for Afrolatinas… today I am feeling grateful…. feeling full… feeling rested…. today I am grateful I get to do what I love and feeling ready to REPEAT!

Today I am sending you all so much love! May you know that blessings are all around us!

Thank you creator for the many blessings. Ache`




Latina Magazine:

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