Daring to Write~ Atrevidas!

She left too soon
Her work remains
She is you
She is me
She is latina
Her stories are what remain
A story that is still being written
voice muted
Blank  pages
Filled with ink
Recalling of moments
May she rest
she was loved
Her work valued
No longer muted
In this celebration of her life

Poem for VLG, luz para tu espiritu.

To read about Vanessa Libertad Garcia, the young woman we are dedicating tonight to:


As I sit on a bus on my way back to New York from DC I’m feeling so many things. Today is the 7th Year Anniversary of the NYC Latina Writers Group.

Who will pass our stories down?

Who will tell our daughters and sons about where they come from?

Who will keep our oral traditions alive?

It’s about being daring!

Its about being ATREVIDAS!

Its about having the audacity to say what other’s are afraid to!

Its about feeling the fear and all the insecurities and moving forward anyway!

It’s about surrendering to the process and getting it onto the page.

It’s about practicing daily and not comparing ourselves to anyone because we know that WE are the ones born to tell our stories!

This is what we are celebrating tonight…. writers who dare to write!

Can’t wait to see you all.


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