Becoming Vulnerable ~ 30 Days of Guided Writing

Time is of the essence!

No better time to start than today!

Everyday is an opportunity to begin again!

Everything happens for a reason!

Breathe, release, be still and know!

Follow your heart!

Dreams do come true!

You were born to do this!

You matter!

Your work is important!

You can do this!

Take one step towards your dreams and watch

the universe conspire to helping you achieve it!

All is divinely ordered and everything happens right on time!


These are all life mantras and beliefs of mine! Words and truths I live by (try to live by).


Stop blaming yourself, your wife, your husband, your past, your family, your responsibilities, your obligations, your weight, your appearance, you race, your gender, your security, your bank account, society and the world for the many excuses you make for why you aren’t doing what you dream of doing!

Stop believing that you aren’t worthy or deserve to be happy!

Stop making excuses as to why you can’t or shouldn’t have the life you deserve!

Easier said than done right?

This requires a tremendous amount of compassion, love of self, faith, trust and perseverance.

Some of us are consumed by gossip, envy and jealousy of others who are doing what we only dream of doing!

Some of us believe that others have it easy!

Some of us really think that if only WE had “THEIR” opportunities, or money, or success, or relationships or whatever we believe that they have… that we would do things differently than them… that we could do it better!

Some of us are completely lost in our thoughts dreaming and wishing we had a little of what they have because if we had what they have we would finally be happy!

Then there are some of us who make excuses for why we would never take the risk… afraid of failure, afraid of judgment, afraid of losing those we love, afraid of being alone, afraid of not having enough money to survive, afraid that we aren’t good enough or as good as those actually out there doing it! So instead we stay in jobs and relationships that don’t fully fulfill or gratify us. Doing things we aren’t passionate about.


When will you stop making excuses?

When will you stop procrastinating?

When will you go after the very thing you want?

When will you leave?

When will you fly?

When will you finish it?

When will you let it go?

When will you stop watching reality TV and start living the reality that is your own life or the life you could have? (THIS IS NOT A JUDGEMENT I love me some VH1 drama!)?

When will you get off of all the social media outlets, stop hiding and dedicate your time to that which truly feeds your soul?


We can stop today?

We can begin today!

We can stop making excuses and jump… we can leap… we can fly… we can tap into that which is inside of us where courage resides and we can “JUST DO IT!” We can believe we deserve it!

The time to do it is today!

No more excuses!

So many of us sign up to gyms to help us lose that extra weight that we can no longer live with. We hire personal trainers to give us that extra kick in the rear pushing us to push ourselves a little harder… to go a little further… to meet our goals… to show us how far we can really go and then once we arrive they show us how much further we can still go!

This is what I WAS BORN TO DO… I am here to be your trainer!


Today I am humbled to announce my services as your WRITING COACH! My journey as a Writer, Blogger, published Author, Filmmaker, Playwright, Director, Producer, Activist, Public Speaker, Mentor, Mother, as well as a Facilitator and Founder of one of the most important writers groups in New York City (the NYC Latina Writers Group) has prepared me to walk with you on your writers journey.


On November 1, 2013 I will be kicking off the writing challenge:

30 Days to Becoming Vulnerable!

November 1 – 30th

*Note: This workshop is being offered and available toll free via telephone and is accessible worldwide!


How the workshop works:

$60.00 gets you: Registration, 30 days / ten minutes per day of guided writing – Special rate of $30.00

You will receive 30 Days of writing with a coach who will push you with all the love, encouragement, patience and compassion you deserve! I will love you through the writing process and you will hate loving me!

Other services being offered:

$30.00 gets you weekly feedback on your writing during the 30 days.

$50.00 gets you 1 on 1 session for one hour and a 1/2.  $50 per session, as often as you would like to meet and write together. (This can be one or two times per week, I can come to your job during lunch, you can come to me or we can meet wherever you feel comfortable writing). *By appointment only – Monday – Friday.

You don’t have to do it alone!

I will be in your corner holding you up!

Together we will develop a writing practice that works for you.

I will support you in pushing yourself beyond what you believe your limitations or blocks are.

I will support you in focusing in on writing with direction and intention!

I am super excited about the many people who will take me up on this journey and accept my 30-Day Challenge!

To register is simple – done in (3) steps:

1)   Make your payment today! Enter the amount for the services you would like.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

2)   Email me once you have made your payment and I will send you the details for the challenge at

3)   SHOW UP! Show up for yourself! Show up for your stories!

You don’t need to be a writer. .. this workshop is designed for anyone who needs support in getting their dreams onto the page. You will work with a coach who can help you by outlining clear steps and supporting you in taking action!

Take one step towards your dreams and watch how the universe aligns and conspires in helping you achieve it.

And so it is!


Copyright © 2013 by Alicia Anabel Santos


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