Starting from zero! #nanowrimo

Good morning my beloved writers!

As OYA is blowing fierce winds, the rain is cold, the day seems dark… Beyond our perception is where beauty resides. There is a story to be written. A history to be preserved. A legacy to be passed down. Something aching to be told. We can no longer run from it. Today we begin a new journey. For the writers starting this Sunday a new round of Writing from the Womb, I hope you will accept the challenge of participating in this years NANOWRIMO challenge of completing a novel in 30 days. I know for me this challenge is incredibly exciting and frightening because I am starting from zero. After my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING that I had written for my novel, in addition to my life work and all of the work from my travels today, I pick myself up, dust myself off, take a deep breath and remind myself, “Alicia you know what it’s like to start from zero… You’ve done it so many times!”

So we take a deep breath . . . Fingers on keys . . . Heart open . . . And begin . . .

We can do this!


Register at:

Can’t wait to see you all Sunday!


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