Letter to myself on my 38th Birthday: It’s time

I’m sitting with all of this… Letters of love and forgiveness and I feel so full. ❤️❤️❤️

Vanessa Mártir's Blog

The other day while you were reading a post on Rebelle Society, “redemption song: the imperfect wonder of you,” you remembered the terrible things you’ve done to yourself and others. The callous things you’ve said, the worst ones having been to yourself. It all came rushing back like a slideshow in your head. You thought about this year and how pummeled you’ve felt. You thought about love. You thought about the great love you lost this year. Your brother. Superman. You thought about his memorial at his place of residence a few weeks after his death. You pulled his case worker aside to thank her for what she’d done for him. She talked to you about his struggles. About how much he loved you. About how he didn’t feel he deserved to be loved. The man who taught you so much about love didn’t feel he deserved to be loved…

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