Meditation ~ Truth 1. Why are we here?

Happy New Year my loves!

This 2014 has really opened me up to some universals truths.

My first truth for 2014 is that we are never done learning!

Do not for a moment believe that “You know it all!” Or that “You know best! or that “You cannot and will not be told!” Or “this is how it’s done!” or “I have always done it this way why would I change?” Or believe that “you are the one who is right!” or say, “allow me to school you!”

There is always room for more and more learning and growing.

Do not believe because you are older that this automatically makes you right or that you are who is owed respect. We can learn from the children. We can learn from those younger. People will surprise us. They will teach us if we let them. We must be open to expansion and the gift we each possess. We must let go of ego and just be willing to be open to what others bring and respect all that they bring. We must nurture and encourage this kind of sharing. Let’s celebrate this ageless knowing.

This is what makes us beautiful.

This is what LOVE IS.

This is what HUMILITY IS.

This is my meditation today. And I respect and love my daughter so much for teaching me all of this. She has been my greatest teacher and I her faithful student. And she comes home tomorrow from being out of the country for five months. Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Amsterdam and now my world traveler returns. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!


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