The Year of Intention & Surrender

My love letter to the NYC Latina Writers Group ~ 2014

My beloved writers;

We are three weeks into 2014 and I want to welcome this AMAZING group of womyn into a year I am naming:

The Year of Intention & Surrender

As with every year that ends we either feel completely accomplished or we begin hoping, doubting or second guessing and maybe even praying we don’t repeat the disappointments of the prior year. My deepest desire is that you have let last year go and brought in new intentions, direction, hope, passion, inspiration and love for what this brand new year can bring.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 11.27.50 AM

One of the most special and sacred things about this group is that we offer each other support and nurturing that I believe is so very necessary as we pursue the craft of writing. What we have given each other in this group is so much generosity, love, kindness and patience in a process that can oftentimes be grueling and painful yet filled with so many delicious surprises.

This is what we have found in our writing together…  this communal writing and sharing and constant building that is found in this beautiful group!

We truly are walking and breathing together on the page and on this journey.

In 2013 there were many conversations around claiming the title I AM A WRITER! There were many opportunities to co-create. Writing workshops were offered and daily prompts were posted on our Facebook page. Writers self published for the first time, created chapbooks, were featured in magazines and anthologies and even found themselves completing plays and performing their work live for the first time.

We closed 2013 with a tremendous amount of success and hope.

Today I am celebrating YOU and all of your accomplishments… and I am also celebrating your potential to create greater works in 2014!

As we begin 2014 it will be important to keep things in perspective. I encourage you to enter this year a little lighter and gentler than you might have before… perhaps more purposeful… maybe even with a plan of action yet open to the potential that that plan may shift and change for the better—which is so necessary for our growth and expansion.

The Year of Intention & Surrender

What does this even mean?

It’s a call to stop running.

It’s a call to stop hiding.

It’s a call to listen with our hearts.

It’s a call to love who we are with our entire being.

It’s a call to write with intention.

It means that that we allow for our writing, our lives, our dreams, our visions and our plans to just unfold—here is where we surrender.

This year we will set very clear INTENTIONS, and SURRENDER to what will unfold.

This year there may be obstacles and obstructions if we choose to allow them to be barriers that paralyze us.

We will focus on process – our individual writer’s process.

We will support one another in the writer’s journey.

We will develop a writers practice.

We will discover the writer’s voice—our writer’s voice.

This year I begin it with a sense of calm. I feel clear… this year I will feed myself first put the oxygen mask on myself first… and I will share with you why we must all do this.

Join me for our first meeting of the New York City Latina Writers Group ~

When: Friday, January 31, 2014

Time 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Via Teleconference ~ number to be distributed once RSVP’d

For more information and to rsvp visit:

I am very excited for what this 2014 has in store for us.

With so much love,

Alicia Anabel

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