Dominicans, why are we celebrating?

For as proud as I am to be DOMINICAN and I AM proud. Let us remember that this Dia de Independencia that we celebrate is a day of independence from Haiti, not Spain.

Why are we even celebrating?

We don’t celebrate our freedom from our colonizer, yet we celebrate our freedom from other exploited peoples??? *scratches head. 

My desire for this 27 de febrero is that we open our minds and hearts, truly love our neighbor, correct the laws in the Dominican Republic that have left many Dominican born Haitians stateless.

I believe as a Dominican woman that what runs through our veins is more love for people than hate.

It’s important that we understand who benefits from people of color hating one another. It’s important that we have dialogue. It’s important that we begin to question what is the truth? 

For example, who are the Vicini’s and why do they own some of the most powerful corporation’s in la Republica? They control our sugar industry, our media radio and newspapers. They are the ones who are bringing over 30,000 Haitians to DR to work as slaves yearly. And WE are turning our faces to the terrible mistreatment of humans.

We can no longer hide behind the comforts of ignorance. The answers are out there. And the solutions ARE coming.

And may we all stop buying SUGAR!!!

Feliz día de independencia Dominicana.

#slaverystillineffect #knowledgeISpower #educateourpeople #LOVEistheonlyanswer

Watch “Price Of Sugar Documentary” on YouTube

To learn about our roots check out: WWW.AFROLATINOS.TV

4 thoughts on “Dominicans, why are we celebrating?

  1. are you sure that you are Dominican? because anyone that dare speak the truth about the situation with Haiti is unpatriotic. when I went to school in the DR I was taught that DR became independent from Spain and not Haiti. very sad but true. if it was not for me finding out on my own I would have never known. I was born in the DR but left at a young age. I have a love hate relationship with being Dominican as I am by birth, but come from a family of immigrants that also went to work in the sugar factories but are not discriminated against like Haitians.
    sadly the powers that be have the population dumb down enough to do as they please without opposition. all that’s needed is a few pesos and a bottle of brugal.


      1. I was being sarcastic with that question. I am pro humqn rights myself and what the Dominican government is doing is a gross violation of human rights.


  2. im sorry ladies. I went to school in the dominican republic– and no, in school they DON’T TEACH that the Dominican Republic obtained their independence from Spain. It is clearly stated that Haiti (the first country in the western hemisphere to abolish slavery) was in control of 2/3 of the Dominican Republic. Through many years of planning by Patriotic founders of what is now the Dominican Republic the 27th of February of 1844 we gained control of the country and founded La Republica.
    Years later some new leaders wanted to sell the dominican republic back to spain for economic gains (or just reasons) and the country was basically given back in a suttle way to spain (read the era of “La España Boba” and leaders like Gregorio Luperon)
    The law in effect with the Haitians right now have been in effect for many years and it was part of the constitution (the first one written in November 6, 184X in San Cristobal) which was a way to prevent a “passive invation” and doesn’t specify “Haitians” it only states “Immigrants of non-legal residents are considered in transit” a law that many countries have.
    I DON’T agree with this LAW because it was not enforced EVER, and to enforce it now is not Human.
    Let me stop writing, I just wanted join the conversation on the misconception that the Dominican Republic teaches that they gained their independence from Spain and not Haiti.
    Thanks and God bless


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