Will the REAL black girl please stand up!


These are the types of conversations I love having…

It’s incredibly important that we come to a space of self acceptance.

It is about deciding for ourselves who we choose to be… on our own terms.

Where individually, we self identify as we so choose and come to a place of embracing ALL that we are!

My labels are many… no one will ever again tell me who I am and that it is NOT MY PLACE!

Let’s talk about what it means to us to identify as black!

Thank you hermanas and the organizations co-hosting and for inviting me.


3 thoughts on “Will the REAL black girl please stand up!

  1. I’m not American, but I really do not understand why people from the Spanish speaking Caribbean islands are treated as a different ethnic group in the USA….


      1. LoL..that’s another discussion…I’m from Suriname, we are situated in the Northern Part of South America I was always taught in school that we were also part of the Caribbean.Recently a guy from Barbados said to me that they were taught the exact opposite..It’s crazy


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