What’s REAL!


I was at the park yesterday with my goddaughter and her cousin and I was watching them play freeze tag. Thinking about the days when life was carefree and the only worries we had were wondering if we would receive what we asked for our birthdays and Christmas. They have no worries… They have no fears…. They are innocent. These are the moments that matter. We talked about school, love, happiness, boys, what a lesbian is.

We get so caught up in statuses, obsessed with attention….

We forget what matters…

What’s real!

Facebook is not real!!! Instagram are captured moments for likes. Twitter is conversation that last 140 characters then its over.

In this moment I am thinking about all those who are craving REAL connections, all those who are ill, all those who desire honest conversations, loving moments face to face.

All this other stuff. .. don’t buy into it…. if you want to see someone call them ♥ there is nothing worse than hearing you lost someone in a social media feed!

These are the moments that matter.

To my goddaughter Vasia… I love you for reminding me how important seeing each other is.

#callmeiwillloveyouup #allaboutspiritconnections

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