Week two: We BEGIN at the beginning!

Last Sunday, when I got home I was exhausted. That GOOD kind of tired. The writers all came home with me and now I carry them in my soul.

I needed an entire day to decompress after the most amazing Sunday, it started with the Writing from the Womb Workshop where ten writers showed up for themselves and their story… and we wrote… we wrote… and we wrote… and we got angry, and we screamed, and we used a few choice words to express the truth of the story… these unbelievably BRAVE writers “BROUGHT IT!” They brought their “A” game… they surrendered to the process and they trusted where their story wanted to go. They honored their voice. This workshop went AMAZING! So amazing that I have decided that I wanted to GIFT them all with another FREE workshop because I believe in them. I believe in their story!

So if you missed last weeks workshop NO WORRIES… Tomorrow, Sunday, May 4th we begin again.

Tomorrow will be even better and more profound than yesterday because with every writing session we will go a little deeper… dig a little further… and in the end we will WRITE the fucking story!

Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 11:30am – FREE

So JOIN US! For more information and to RSVP at findingyourforce@gmail.comI am offering Sunday to writers for FREE. Writers of all LEVELS and GENRES are welcome!


I have been meditating on process, the writers voice, writer’s block, self doubt, the inner critic, comparing ourselves to other writers and all those self-defeating reasons for why we tell ourselves we have no write to do this… that we haven’t paid our dues… that we haven’t written enough to call ourselves writers… all which can keep us from arriving to the finish line. This frame of thought is only partially right, paying dues and practicing the craft of writing is incredibly important. Daily practice, discipline, process, and story development should be constant… we should always be developing as writers.

I know a lot about the kinds of things we as writers tell ourselves and all the things that keep us from telling the story. As a writer these doubts, questions, thoughts and issues will arise often and to be honest I don’t know ANY writers who don’t question what they put onto the page… questioning whether or not it’s good… whether or not people will read and like our work. And while all of these questions are honest, we must develop skills that get us past it and get us back to what we should be focusing our energy on–the writing…the story!

Join me this Sunday, May 4, 2014

11:30AM – 2:00PM

Columbia University School of Social Work

1255 Amsterdam Avenue, Room 512

Cost: FREE

Out of state attendees can dial in:

Please email me your name so that I can leave it with security: findingyourforce@gmail.com

Join me this Sunday, as we take a step towards completing the fist draft of a novel. Under my supervision we will plan and write the first draft, turn fragmented sentences into scenes and I will provide you with gentle and honest feedback every step of the way. I will help you to create worlds, get into the heart of your characters, by motivating and pushing you.

I pride myself on creating a safe space for writers to create, share and develop their stories. This is about constant writing. There will be specific deadlines. At the end of the nine month workshop you will have an opportunity to contribute to the the first Writing from the Womb, NYCLWG Anthology and participate in a public writers showcase.

The course is broken in trimesters:

(1) April – June
(2) July – September
(3) October – December (Workshop concludes January, 2015)

Week 1: FREE INTRODUCTORY WFW WORKSHOP: an overview and discussion about the purpose of the course.

**What to bring: Each writer should bring a writing sample of the work they would like to complete, as well as well, as an excerpt from an author they love (One paragraph)

Brief overview of the Writing from the Womb 9 Month Workshop:

WEEKS 1 – 10:
Introduction to Writing from the Womb
Review of agenda and expectations
Writer commitment
Genre and story selection
Elements of a story
Writers voice, narrator POV
Story idea and themes

WEEKS 11 – 20:
Analysis of sentence structure and word choice
Character development and dialogue
Action and setting
Writing intensives
Critiques and feedback
Partner writing
One-on-one writing sessions

WEEKS 21 – 30:
Scenes and chapter development
Furthering the story
Critiques and feedback
Partner writing

WEEKS 31 – 40:
Critiques and feedback
Partner writing
One-on-one writing sessions
Workshop completion

There is no day like today to claim yourself A WRITER!

I can be reached at: findingyourforce@gmail.com

With love,
Alicia Anabel

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