Meditation: Reciprocity… On giving and receiving.



I have heard people throw the word RECIPROCITY around as if people should be ordered to do this… Judged if they don’t practice it… And have observed as they pat themselves on the back when they do good work… We are missing the point… The point is not to do things with the mind thought that we are somehow due something in return for sharing kindness. Believing that “if you buy my book, I should buy yours, if you attend my event I should attend yours… If I give to you you should give to me.”

What about if someone has no money? What if someone has lost their home? What if someone is grieving or battling depression? What if… all someone has to offer is a beautiful Intention of sending you love and WISHING, HOPING AND PRAYING that all of your endeavors be a tremendous success?

What if my deepest desire for your highest good… And what if that is ALL I HAVE TO GIVE?

Publicly announcing how you practice reciprocity is NOT how the universe works in terms of your blessings. We are not supposed to scream out loud all of the ways we are paying it forward as if we are due some sort of reciprocal payment for those good deeds…

Here is what I will say about BEING OF SERVICE… Here is what I KNOW to be true…

Just serve and don’t worry who’s watching or if you even get a thank you because the blessings that show up unexpectedly THIS alone is worth everything.

I am so grateful for all those who have blessed my life by just being here. Thank you for praying for me and my family. I am grateful to the universe for the lessons I constantly learn.

TODAY I AFFIRM: In serving others I am serving myself and for this knowing I am so grateful.

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