Writing is NOT a hobby!

1. Why do you write?
2. Why did you decide that there was a story YOU must tell? That only YOU could tell.
3. Who in your life really supports you?
4. Who in your life makes you question yourself?


Dear Writers,

This is our weekly check in…

Welcome to Week 11 of our Writing from the Womb Workshop. So much must being going through your mind. The stories you have kept bottled up aching to come out. The fear that comes with sitting in front of the screen or page. The weight of lifting the pen… We are almost at the end of our first trimester. We have outlined, created a list of scenes, developed characters and asked our stories very tough questions. We have used readings from Maya Angelou and Gabriel Garcia Marquez to learn about how the masters do it!

At this point you should have written with your partner last week and scheduled your partner session for this week. For those of you who have not scheduled your 1 on 1 session with me there are only have 4 spaces left for this Thursday, July 3rd at (10:30am, 11:30am, 12:00pm) please email me… it is first come first serve.

If you have not done so, please post all your work on box.

Love note:

Writing is hard!

Who chooses to be a writer?

Why would we want this life?

Why would you want to be an artist?

What is the value in all of this?

For over (13) years I have been a writer (of course I have been a writer my entire life but for the past thirteen years I have been dedicated and committed to my writing. For thirteen years I have been serious about my craft always looking for ways to be better.

Every once and a while I hit a place where I am confronted with people or experiences that make me question and doubt and take a hard look at what writing means to me.. and why I have chosen the life I live… one where there is constant struggle (because I choose to not conform and pursue my passion and dreams), where there is sadness (that I turn into beautiful art), and where sometimes I make no money from it (but where I am HAPPY always).

This is where writing comes from for me… it comes from my history, my culture, my languages, my family, my sadness, my rage, my pain, my darkness, my experiences, my doubt, my shame, my LOVE, my peace, my joy, my successes, my blessings, my daughter…

I am meditating on where writing comes from. I am meditating on all the writers I admire… and some I don’t like, but that I do admire and respect. What do I admire and respect about them??? They come to the page… they are brave… they write… they tell the story even if its not good. They believe in storytelling. Even when they don’t believe in themselves they muster up the courage to believe in their characters and allow for them to get to the end!

1. Why do you write?
2. Why did you decide that there was a story YOU must tell? That only YOU could tell.
3. Who in your life really supports you?
4. Who in your life makes you question yourself?

The above is your writing prompt: set a timer for two minutes each question and answer them all. (Post your responses here)

Here are my responses:

1. I write because I want proof that I existed. The truth is my entire life I have felt invisible and you might laugh and say, “Alicia, but your 6 ft. 1 in. no one can miss you. But the point is I have looked to writing to give myself purpose!

2. I decided to write as a gift… one that I would leave for my daughter. That is what I believed 13 years ago. My writing was initially for her… I write in order to leave a legacy for her… but the truth is I write in order to save myself… and only I can tell this story because it is for every woman I have ever known and for all those who came before me.

3. Who supports me? There are few close people… but if I am being honest on most days I feel alone and unsupported. On most days I feel judged. On most days I feel the world frowning on me. On most days I sit with this blank page terrified at the discoveries I will make. Actually, I am more terrified that nothing will come out… that I could run out of words.

A product of poverty… (this was the line that came up for me as I was writing my freewrite and I have decided to leave it)

4. Who makes me question me? My bank balance makes me question me… the sad truth is that the world defines our worth by what we have… titles, accounts, material things… outside forces make the artist question themselves… they make me question me… whether there is value in my work? Is is worth such and such amount? Am I doing enough? Am I good enough? And then there are the voices that constantly remind me that I should be doing more. END TIME!

And so my loves here I have shared my deepest thoughts… as writers we must allow ourselves to be open… to expose our truth, to be vulnerable and this can be scary… but so very necessary.

For me… writing is not a hobby! Writing is my way of life and it is also how I make my living. I have sacrificed everything for my art.


So my message tonight is about being clear! Bring the stress, the doubt, the fears, the voices to the page and release all of it.

Whatever you answered for 1, 2 and 3 — write these responses on an index card and post them where you can see them everyday. This is your constant reminder of why you write.

Whatever you wrote in 4… put that on a card and burn that shit! It’s poison and doesn’t serve you.

I will be posting 30 Becoming Vulnerable PROMPTS FOR THE MONTH OF JULY BEGINNING JULY 2ND!

I look forward to writing with you!

With so much love,
Alicia Anabel


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