Writing is NOT a hobby!

Writing is hard! Who chooses to be a writer? Why would we want this life? Why would you want to be an artist?

What is the value in all of this? WRITING IS NOT A HOBBY!!!

The Writer and The Story

1. Why do you write?
2. Why did you decide that there was a story YOU must tell? That only YOU could tell.
3. Who in your life really supports you?
4. Who in your life makes you question yourself?


Dear Writers,

This is our weekly check in…

Welcome to Week 11 of our Writing from the Womb Workshop. So much must being going through your mind. The stories you have kept bottled up aching to come out. The fear that comes with sitting in front of the screen or page. The weight of lifting the pen… We are almost at the end of our first trimester. We have outlined, created a list of scenes, developed characters and asked our stories very tough questions. We have used readings from Maya Angelou and Gabriel Garcia Marquez to learn about how the masters do it!

At this point you should have written…

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