Becoming Vulnerable 30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 7

Good morning!

“There is no effort without error… and if she fails… at least she fails daring…”


So who told you it would be easy? I don’t know about you but these prompts are kicking my ass. That’s the thing about what life brings us. Sometimes we believe that life should be easy or things should be handed to us. I know for me I have believed that for all of my hard work I am DUE something… but the thing is… we are called to keep working hard. And the working hard doesn’t have to be painful or ugly. My go to for examples of hard work are athletes, those who spend years preparing for the olympics or the players presently at FIFA. Getting THERE is not easy… its HARD work. Its dedication. Its commitment. Its endurance. Its perseverance. Its failing and MOVING forward anyway.

And creativity is HARD work! Writing is work! Developing stories and creating worlds is work! Following our dreams is work! Pursuing our passion is work! Albeit for some us its work we love, and a job we would never give up… it is still work.

And so today lets work!

Take a deep breath… sit somewhere comfortable… don’t think about it… allow what comes up to guide you. We will start with a warm-up, set your timer for 3 minutes:

Warm-up prompt 3 minutes: WHAT I WANT TODAY… (BEGIN!)

Deep breath– release…

Day 7 prompt: SHE/HE NOTICED THAT… (Set timer for 10 minutesBEGIN!)

He/she noticed that…


How did that feel? Tell me about the process…

There is no right or wrong way to do the prompts. They can be written in the form of prose or poetry, 1st person or 3rd, in the voice of your main character or villain… the point is to write… to keep writing… to stay with me and not give up.

I look forward to reading your responses.

My loves… this is a shared writing community. Please know that what one of us is experiencing someone else might be. You never know who you can inspire with just your words.

Please share your responses to the 30 Day ~ Becoming Vulnerable Writing Challenge in the comment section below.

I will post my prompt response shortly.

Wishing you all the most beautiful day filled with love, light and continual inspiration.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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One thought on “Becoming Vulnerable 30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 7

  1. WARMUP: What I want today is alignment. want balance.. the kind of balance that is a cycle… that is coming full circle. Returning me… restoring me to who I AM. This cycle that returns to me what I put out.. and more than this.. it isn’t merely wishing or desiring something… it is more a direct message about worth… my worth and what I deserve. What I want today is less about something outside of myself… its about giving to myself. This is what I want today… I am not waiting for anything I am manifesting everything… I am co-creating… and vowing to not return to who I was only a few days ago. I am receiving something great at this very moment that I haven’t felt in such a long time. And so it is… END TIME

    Prompt 7: She noticed that she had another chance. She walked into the space and it was filled with unfamiliar faces As she walked around this circle of people… in front of some she bowed, others she hugged tightly and held close and others whispered warm messages in her ears:

    “Now you are ready…”
    “This is the last of it…”
    “You are not the same…”
    “Finally you get it…
    “You have reached us…”
    “We’ve been waiting for you…”
    “Remember where you were so you don’t go back…”
    “You are ready”

    And I sit at the center dressed in all white. My head is covered. My feet adorned. My beautiful curls hanging on my shoulder and he whispers I create and destroy. I even destroy my children… but when I create it is solid. This is who you are–SOLID! I have been calling your name for a very long time and you have ignored me.

    and I breathe…

    Now I am ready to listen…
    Now I am ready to accept…
    Now I am ready to become…
    Now I am ready to stand in…

    and this experience…

    This experience is powerful. It is sacred. It is private… END TIME


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