Day 13 ~ Becoming Vulnerable 30 Day Writing Challenge


Dark spaces!

Some prompts will take you to the most unexpected places. This mornings prompt took me to 1995. This is why writing is such an incredible art form, from the ugliest of places, people and moments we can extract the beauty and make it art. Writing is our response to the worlds pain, atrocities, injustices, questions and emotions.

Today I went to a place I never like to visit, but I am so glad I did.

Take a deep breath… sit somewhere comfortable… don’t think about it… allow what comes up to guide you. We will start with a warm-up, set your timer for 3 minutes:

Warm-up prompt 4 minutes: I HAVE IMAGINED YOU… (BEGIN!)

Deep breath– release…

Day 13 prompt: THE MOMENT WHEN HE KNEW… (Set timer for 15 minutesBEGIN!)

The moment when he knew…


Tell me about your process… How do you feel?

I look forward to reading your responses.

Please share your responses to the 30 Day ~ Becoming Vulnerable Writing Challenge in the comment section below.

I will post my prompt response shortly.

Wishing you all the most beautiful day filled with love, light and continual inspiration.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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One thought on “Day 13 ~ Becoming Vulnerable 30 Day Writing Challenge

  1. Warmup: I have imagined you dead at the hands of a woman. Her wrists untied, her breathing slowed. She keeping her composure. Thinking about how she will kill him. The many ways she wants him dead. The image of him over her… on her stomach… him over powering her. I have imagined you dead by my hands… one perfect bullet… one shot to stop you… one shot to stop your breathing… one shot to end your life. I have imagined you gone from this world. But I have also imagined running into you again on the streets. Looking into the eyes of a rapist… brutal, cruel, evil man… a man who takes what he wants with no remorse… END TIME!

    Prompt 13: The moment when he knew he could keep women… romancing them, convincing them he loved them. Attentive lover… it was over before it began… there was something dangerous about him… something dirty… strength in his seduction used to his advantage….

    the girls…

    the pre-med student from BU who was young, a good girl, deans list, trusting from the church… a baptist family… one of those families from the south… that old money… she drove a BMW and he drove a lease.. always one payment away from repo… She’s from all the right places…

    the writer… model… beauty queen… not yet famous. A writer of stories and dreams… dreams he wanted to control… dreams he wanted to keep… dreams he wanted to kill… women he wanted to own. Objects like his convertible… top down… driven fast… breaking laws, and their legs wide open. END TIME!


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