Day 18 ~ Writing with survival urgency… #30DayWriting


The thing about grief…

I read this powerful essay by Inga M. Muscio on loss and her grieving process. Grief bares many faces… grief isn’t solely reserved for the loss of a loved one or someone we know. Grief can be for ourselves…. we each have our own periods and moments of loss. Sometimes we are grieving the person we once were or are grieving the person we are today so that we can become something new.

And then there is that loss where we never get to say goodbye… shit can happen so unexpectedly that we are forced to navigate the current the best way we know how. In the murky, dirty, infested waters we are called to swim or get sucked in!

“…but I knew writing better and had already established a pretty serious trust there. Writing had a proven track record saving my ass, so I consciously chose writing over any of the easy, attractive deaths that waltzed around my imagination. I wrote with survival urgency.” excerpt Slash an’ Burn, by Muscio, from Live Through This.

Writing with survival urgency…

Take a deep breath… sit somewhere comfortable… don’t think about it… allow what comes up to guide you. We will start with a warm-up, set your timer for (5 minutes):

Warm-up prompt (5 minutes): I CAN SEE MYSELF IN THE MIRROR… (BEGIN!)

Deep breath– release…

Day 18 prompt: I NEVER SAID GOODBYE… (Set timer for (15 minutes)BEGIN!)

I never said goodbye…


Tell me about your process… How do you feel?

I look forward to reading your responses.

Please share your responses to the 30 Day ~ Becoming Vulnerable Writing Challenge in the comment section below.

I will post my prompt response shortly.

Wishing you all the most beautiful day filled with love, light and continual inspiration.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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