It’s already yours!

“That wish, that desire, that dream… you already have it! Claim it!”

Dreams without goals… weekly, monthly, hourly, minute by minute goals….


Goals on the road to achievement…

These are the messages that jump out to me this morning in this profound offering Denzel gave his fellow actors.

Dreams without goals…

Today I wake up with new goals.


The 30 day Becoming Vulnerable challenge was my warm-up for something bigger… something larger…

What the thirty days of writing has given me was 30 days of consistency.

New goals…

Dreams without discipline remain just dreams.

Today I begin a different thirty day writing goal grounded in commitment, consistency, and discipline.


So let’s take a deep breath and commit to 30 more days of taking actual steps towards manifesting our dreams.

For the next 30 days my prompt is simple…

MY INTENTION FOR TODAY IS… (10 minutes of writing our goals into action steps)


And so it is. Aché

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