Resist temptation! Binded to my dream! ~ DAY 1: 30 Days Living with Intention #30dayintention


To be bound to my dreams, my desires and my goals… RESISTING TEMPTATION AND DISTRACTIONS!!!

Good morning day!

I am sitting at my desk this morning thinking about what this next thirty days will be… I have India Arie playing in the back ground… and I am feeling a tremendous amount of ease, focus and determination!

Feet firmly planted
No urgency in my process
It’s about THIS moment
The steps I am taking…
Not speaking my goals…
Keeping things to myself…

These next 30 days are not about me SHARING publicly what my goals are. They are for me. Your goals are for you.

Everyday I will be connected through my blog solely to share my daily inspiration and my intention for the day. I am coining this new 30 day journey as: 30 DAYS OF LIVING WITH INTENTION! (use the hashtag #30dayintention to join us and share your achievements).

My intention for today is to see my story in front of me… one by one each character, each scene, each moment unfolding in front of me. The actual steps I am taking this morning is in ten minute intervals… in this way I feel that I accomplish more and the time is starting to fly. I am reading for ten minutes… writing for ten minutes… researching for ten minutes… and back again. I am thrilled at all I accomplished today. Ten scenes before my eyes!

I am ONE thing at a time…

No long to do lists…

No unrealistic goals…

I create my days intention and then I get to executing it.

Clear goals meeting actual steps.

I free myself.

No constraints…
No self-defeating thoughts

It is very easy to get distracted and pulled away when everything else seems like more fun and our well intentioned people want to take us away from what we are trying to achieve. I AM BOUND TO MY DESIRE!


These 30 days are about sticking to what we say we are committed to.

Consistency means that even though we may be around people who want us to play with them we must remember what we have committed to and be consistent and obsessed with the achievement of it.

My intention for today is to remain open to my discoveries… to be committed to this process fully and not punish myself for what I haven’t done. Today is my DAY 1 in this 30 day process… i am reviewing the old outline and creating a new one. Today I will spend time planning, ordering and executing.

Wishing you all the most beautiful day filled with love, light and continual inspiration.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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