The Sun Always Rises… ~ DAY 2: 30 Days Living with Intention #30dayintention

Written on Monday, August 4, 2014, 5:45am

The sun always rises… this is what I felt this morning as my body woke me to open my eyes…


I lay in bed watching each step of the sun rising from darkness to light…

Isn’t this what life can feel like? Moving us from darkness to light.

The sun will set at the close of the day… my most favorite time when it all slows down and returns to silence. Rest.

Then… the sun always rises again!


As I wake today I am thinking about my intention.

My intention for today is to respond to several beautiful emails I have received over the past few days.

My intention today is to stay connected with the people who connect with me.

While I know that these next 30 days requires me to be disconnected I intend to find that balance between consistency and connectivity by releasing distractions. DISTRACTIONS are time killers.

My intention for today is to set boundaries… to stick to my practice and my rituals. As I begin this day I tap into a source that rejuvenates.

I also wake a little sad… I don’t have a reason to be sad but I do feel sad today. I have been riding such a high of inspiration and today I am feeling like I am crashing.

What is it that my heart wants me to know?

You are good girl!

I AM GOOD! This is what I heard…



Something sweet…
Something fresh…
Something cold…

This is what I need…

My spirit…
My mood…
moving me from melancholy to happy…
This is what I am feeling this morning…

And so it is…


My intention for today is to release the sadness…


Wishing you all the most beautiful day filled with love, light and continual inspiration.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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