When You Cannot Understand… “a poorly tied knot feels better on our sneakers than two laces just flapping about…”

“In an ideal world, becoming a parent would waive your right, as Rollins puts it, to a lot of shit. To fucking up, to being a fucked up person, but it doesn’t. It certainly doesn’t waive your humanity and part of being human is fucking up. It may not be excusable, but it’s unavoidable. Truth is, you drag your fucked up self into parenthood – everyone does, even the most seemingly well-put together people – and you try. And a lot of times you fall short. You just hope that you have built your kids up strong enough to take it when one of your tries falls short so that maybe it’ll only dent them, but not break them when it inevitably happens.” ~ Glendaliz Camacho

To continue reading this beautifully written blog click link below:

When You Cannot Understand.



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