Who’s telling the story?

Good morning Writers,


I’m always thinking about writing. 


I was just in the shower and thinking about your stories. I’ve been thinking about what keeps you from the page… the stories that haunt you… the stories that sometimes don’t let us sleep. 

I’m thinking about WHO the person is telling the story. 


WHICH is the character who is strong enough to carry the entire story. And from what point of view is it being told from. 


During a one on one session this week I wrote with a writer who has been struggling with deciding whose point of view the story is really being told from. I gave her an exercise asking her to pick one scene from the story… a scene that perhaps has already been written and rewrite that entire scene from another character’s point of view. 


For example, if you have a scene where there are two players I want to hear the same scene from the other characters perspective. 


Take a scene that you have written and have the other character tell me this same scene from their perspective, voice and point of view. 


I want to know how this feels. Really look at how the scene changes. Pay attention to what new details you discover. 


Let me know how it goes. 


I’m sending you all so much love. 



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