Entrepreneur of the Year ~ My daughter!

Do you have a dream? Help this college student/#daughterfromanotherfather win this incredible honor. Her vision is inspiring. Last day to vote!!! Please repost. Vote on all your devices. Share with everyone. Get everyone from your jobs, community, networks and schools to vote.

Post everywhere!

SPECIAL GIFT: For every vote you confirm I will email you my Ebook version of my memoir Finding Your Force. Tag me on your snapshot confirmation page that you voted and I will send it to you. @diosadominicana or email me at findingyourforce@gmail.com.

Help her dream come true! #votemarguritemcdonald #pindet


The Writer and The Story

I am over the moon to share this news that one of my daughters, Margurite McDonald, of St. John’s University has just been named finalist in the ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE’S: Entrepreneur of 2014 (College). On top of that she is the ONLY woman in her category!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?


It is not everyday that you meet a young brilliant woman with a dream, goals, ambition, drive, and determination to put herself out there and then see her hard work pay off. A finalist for Entrepreneur Magazine!!!!

GOOOOO MARGURITE! I am so proud of you!

I have known Margurite McDonald since she and my daughter Courtney became best friends in high school… THIS RIGHT HERE… is a huge honor, one she deserve and has worked for. If she wins… WHEN SHE WINS… she will receive a full feature spread in the magazine!

Please join me in congratulating her… but what…

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