Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 1


Good morning day!

It is 6:01am on this beautiful first day of October. Today was DAY 1 of a private writers journey I am sharing with the womyn I work with in the Writing from the WOMB Workshop!

As I end this conference call I am incredibly PROUD of these womyn. Proud that you woke up today for our 5:00am phone call. Blessed to be able to share this writing space. Knowing that you each were on the call felt powerful. I wrote with my sisters. It was beautiful. I was inspired. I wrote 7 1/2 pages with you this morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This is what writing in community should feel like. There was no talking during the phone call… we were silent and there was comfort in the silence.

Thirty days… this is the goal. For the next thirty days we are writing together.

I have had some crazy ideas in the past but this one… I have really lost it! I love these womyn so much that I am willing to give up my precious sleep for them. I am sitting at my desk laughing.

Part of this new 30 day challenge is for them… but a larger part of this writing challenge is for ME!

See the thing is… I give so much of myself all the time!!! And for the most part I am HAPPY to… yet there is something missing. My story doesn’t get the attention and time I give to every other womyn in my life. My characters have not been happy with me. So for the month of OCTOBER I have made a vow to commit to listening to the stories they have desperately been waiting to tell me and today they have already shared so much.

What does this thirty days look like?

Every morning at exactly 5:00am every womyn I write with will dial-in to our toll free number as I guide us in the writing session prompts. I wanted to share what the session looked like:

5:00AM – 5:20AM Wake-up/Warm up Meditation – prompts

Prompt 1: As I wake up this morning… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
Prompt 2: With ease I… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
Prompt 3: My writing goals for October are… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
Prompt 4: My intention for today…(Set timer for 5 minutes)

As I wake up this morning… I feel so many things. Part of me wanted to stay in bed. Part of me worries if I will stay committed. part of me wonders if I will quit! Worry. Fear. These are constants. These are all things I have told myself in the past. These are the thoughts that do not serve me and do not serve my piece. When is it effortless? When does it just come to the page and flow? I am present! This is what is what I am feeling most in this moment… I came to the page…

With ease I will not rush through this process. I will be kind to myself. I will get to know my characters again. I will re-enter this world of Las Hijas again. It is really funny how invested I am in other womyn and their stories… how easy it is for me to get lost in every one of them. today I feel something being reignited. October 1st… the first day of my favorite month. We begin a new journey in a different way. there is no going back to sleep. Today I am calling forth something new. i am pushing myself in a different way. The urgency is different. it is not about writing it the fastest or completing it by some deadline… its about writing as practice… as a daily meditation… my spiritual practice. This is how I want to start my everyday with pen in hand!

My writing goals for October are simply to rise everyday for my 5:00am call. I will not add any unrealistic expectations. I will not add pressure. I will not be hard on myself. I will rise, sit at my desk, honor this process, open my journal and breathe life onto the page. I call forth inspiration. I call forth memories. I call forth a line from any story to help get my pen moving in the direction needed.

My intention for today is to stay open. To trust my process and to-renter las hijas… one characgter at a time, one moment, one scene… one word…

And so it is~ Ache

5:20AM – 5:30AM ~ for ten minutes we looked at the scene we wanted to explore. Here we are getting ready to write with intention. The questions I asked were: Who is in the scene? What is happening in the scene? Where are we? What time of day is it?

5:30AM – 6:00AM ~ We wrote the scene!

6:00AM – End of call!

And this was our morning. I am happy to share my daily meditation. I will not be sharing my scenes… I am a work in progress… and this story that I am working on… THE WORLD AIN’T READY!

Have the most amazing day!

Note: If you are interested in joining the writing sessions email me for more information at findingyourforce@gmail.com.

Let the writing begin!

With all my love,

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