Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 3

As I wake up this morning I am honoring what today means to me.

It was October 3, 2001…


Thirteen years ago today that I claimed the title, “Writer!” It was only weeks after September 11th that I understood exactly why I was put on this earth. I was sent to give a part of myself to those who needed me. I was born to do something amazing with my life. I was sent to write my people into stories that would out live me. My legacy was to leave great works for my daughter Courtney.

I understood that I was meant to create and hold space for womyn… I was to write stories and fill pages…

I could never have imagined my life so full..

Today is the day that I celebrate the most … today is about my writers journey.

I am reflecting today on everywhere I have been and all I have discovered about myself through my writing.

I am remembering that it has not always been easy… there have been people who have tried to discourage me. There have been people who have questioned my motives and the authenticity of my story. There have been those who have tried to silence me. I am even guilty of saying things to myself that have not been kind… the questioning… the doubt… the guilt… the fear…

What I want most today is strength… what I want most today is inspiration. What I want today is to be filled with words to write my stories.

Today I am wondering if writers get bored with their stories… I am meditating on how writers get back inside of their stories… I wonder this morning if “boredom” is really a block in disguise… I wonder if boredom is really just doubt meant to keep us from creating?

My intention for today is to celebrate my 13th birthday… I understand that I have always written from the moment i received my first journal as a young girl in middle school…

It was 13 years ago today that I looked over to the most important person in my life and said, “Mommy’s a writer” I owned that shit… and I have never looked back!

So today, Happy…. Birth as a Writers Day to me!

And so it is~ Aché

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