Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 4

Saturday, October 4, 2014

As I wake up today I am smiling… during this morning’s writing session more womyn joined the call.

There is something absolutely beautiful about rising together and writing. What I am feeling most today is this sense of strength. What I am experiencing is a sense of peace. My body feels relaxed. I feel a shift just by rising and sitting in this chair. I am not feeling as exhausted today.

I release all expectations. I release perfectionist tendencies. I release control. I surrender to this process and honor where I am. These thoughts about how far along I should be… this is not a race… I am not in competition with anyone or anything. This is my process and I will honor that!

As I begin this writing session today I will pick up where I left off… today is about unfinished business.

This is what is rising for me today. What is unfinished? All that is left unsaid…

I am meditating on vendettas, pay back, revenge…

How does this show up in my story?

Is there a grudge?

Is there something that is not finished?

Is there something that must be closed?

What needs to be resolved?

What if there is NO RESOLUTION?

There are so many questions left to be answered… what are these questions?

Today during my writing session I will pick a few…

My intention for today is to enter this process filled with trust.

I will trust that the answers I seek will come.

I will force nothing…

I will stay with the story and keep pressing until I find what I seek.

And so it is~ Aché

Sending you all so much love,


As I wake… (Set timer 3 minutes)

I release… (Set timer 2 minutes)

What’s rising for me… (Set timer 5 minutes)

As I begin this writing session… (Set timer 5 minutes)

My intention for today… (Set timer 5 minutes)

Timer for 10 minutes: brainstorm scene you want to write

Timer for 30 minutes: write scene

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