Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots- 10/11

wendy angulo image

There are people doing things… and then there are people doing their THANG!!!!! Doing BIG things!

This woman… this sister right here! Wendy Angulo!

She is everything.

She cares about things.

She cares about our culture and preserving our ROOTS!

She cares about US!

She is a movement in the making!

If you don’t know about WENDY ANGULO PRODUCTIONS you should.

She and an amazing group of artists are putting together a show in Queens that has already left a mark!

One year ago she set out to execute CANVAS OF WORDS… a space where art meets poetry… and community becomes your family… She brought the arts to the borough of Queens in a way that would transform us!

This womyn has been UNSTOPPABLE!

canvas of words 2014

Please come out for this event… you will be glad you did!

Get your tickets here:

Read more about his amazing artist/curator:


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