Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 11

As I wake today in Syracuse I am so happy to be near my daughter. No one feeds my inspiration quite like her. She is who I write about… She is my muse. It’s girls like her who walk in the world and inspire me. They give me hope. Give me strength. Nourish my spirit. She is so f&^%G smart!

As I wake up this morning I am glad I moved our writing time this morning to 10:00am. My body was incredibly exhausted and now I am up feeling strong and rested. My body feels more awake and I get to spend two days here with my beautiful daughter in her new house. There is nothing better than that.

As I sit in this chair I am staring out of her window looking at her screened in porch. The day is over cast… sun is peeking through the clouds.. slowly shining brightly… I am wrapped in a blanket, wearing a hoody and comfy wool socks. She lives in a white cottage with red shutters around the windows. It is absolutely adorable. It’s quaint. A welcoming place for me. It’s comfy… it looks like a writers den… this is what I am thinking about today… a writers space to create and the time we must give ourselves… to just be by ourselves.

What I am carrying this morning is energy that doesn’t belong to me. I am sensing uneasiness, anxiety, stress, nervousness, confusion, resistance, tension and worry… things that do not belong to me… Things that don’t belong inside of us… it doesnt serve us. There is no need to rush…the dishes can wait, our families can wait, the laundry can wait, that phone call can wait, the errands can wait… we are called to sit still and not RUSH!


If there is one thing I gained from this week it is the importance of stillness and balance… what I learned is that I am the one in control of my day. During this call I do not need to rush or worry about what I need to get done. The most important thing for me to accomplish today is my writing meditation. I refuse to start my day without it!

What I release are the things externally which keep me from showing up for me. I release guilt. I release peoples expectations. I am sitting at my page today knowing that this writing is for ME… and I make no apologies.

I make no apologies for choosing to write above all things… This is why I am here… to create. Today I will choose to keep writing and honor my intentions, discipline and practice.

My intention for today is to play… to have some fun… to laugh a lot.. to write a scene that is filled with humor, with life, with joy, with real life and with real people. Everything does not need to be so serious.

Today’s prompts:

As I wake up this morning… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
As I sit in this chair… (Set timer for 2 minutes)
What I am carrying this morning is… (Set timer for 2 minutes)
If there is one thing I gained from this week… (Set timer for 3 minutes)
What I release… (Set timer for 3 minutes)
I make no apologies… (Set timer for 2 minutes)
My intention for today… (Set timer for 3 minutes)

BREATHE!!! Stretch

The scenes I will be working on are the heart of the story…

10 minutes (Brainstorming the scenes that are the heart of your story, this is in preparation for workshop. Here we are listing all of the scenes that go in the middle section of our stories and selecting the scenes that will be part of our 20 page submission.

30 minutes (Writing in scene. In preparation for workshop lets write that scene that we know must be written.) BEGIN

Have the most splendid day. Eat something yummy. Have a delicious glass of wine and tell someone you love them!

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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