Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 12

As I wake this morning I am feeling really good. Visiting my daughter was just what I needed. Re-connecting. Being present. Making delicious gourmet meals from scratch. Hearing her express herself and me sharing with her. We spoke of so many things. She hugged me yesterday and said, “mom you’re really doing it! Those girls are so lucky to have you. You are such a great mom. Expose them to something new.” She’s referring to the girls I work with and how I have raised her. We talked about the incredible movies she was exposed to at such an early age, her love of the classics and Barbra. My daughter makes me feel good!

In my dreams I was visited by her… it was my daughter. We were having a conversation. The most important detail of the dream was a book and post it notes… it may have been her giving me those items calling me to get to work! To get it done! I am being called to do a lot of reading. I am being called to make this part of my practice daily. The post-its are for the notes. There is much I still have to learn.

Breathe. I am listening.

When I am present… I am more able to decipher the messages… and the message was clear… get dressed… gather your arsenal, your resources, your weapons, your armor and get to digging… you are going to war!

In a conversation with Court we talked about my male characters and how in some ways they silence me. We talked about writing difficult subjects and dealing with rage and anger on the page and not allowing it to seep into my life… to consume me… to poison me… This is what I am meditating on today.

My intention for today is to explore anger and rage. I really want to look at… writing anger… writing rage… what this means to me? Why it is important and how it informs my work?

The writing I want to do is around emotions. How do we want our readers to feel? What is the emotion we want to express/show? How do we write emotion?

If we write from weak place our writing is weak. We are called to go back and feel again, to be authentic… to call forth feelings so that those who read us feel exactly what we want them to feel! Is it love? Is it happiness? Is it horror? All of it… we want to feel all of it!

10 minute prompt: Pick an emotion… how does it show up in your story? What is the repetitive theme?

What my character will unlock is an anger that she can no longer contain. Part of her purpose in life has been to fight… something has been taken from her…

30 minute prompt – What made me feel… (insert emotion)

Today’s prompts:

As I wake up this morning… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
In my dreams I was visited by… (Set timer for 3 minutes)
When I am present… (Set timer for 4 minutes)
In a conversation with… (Set timer for 3 minutes)
My intention for today… (Set timer for 5 minutes)

10 minute – Pick an emotion… how does it show up in your story? What is the repetitive theme?

BREATHE!!! Stretch

30 minute prompt ~ Writing is scene. What made me feel… (insert emotion) BEGIN

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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