Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 13

As I wake up this morning I am prepared for the week and excited about what will come. I am working through some things this morning.

In my sleep I found myself really resting… I slept soundly. I feel rested and renewed. This weekend has re-awaken something in me. I feel rejuvenated in the most wonderful ways.


This is what’s rising for me. This is what I am mediating on this morning… the things we don’t say.

I am reflecting on the ways we hold back, on the things we keep to ourselves, the things we keep from feeling and saying. The things we hold back in order to be seen or not seen in a certain way.

In my writing yesterday I was able to see the story I am writing in a new way. I love the discoveries I am making daily with this writing practice. The more I stay with the story the more it unfolds. Today I want to continue to explore this world they are from… in particular the time period. Everywhere I turn whether its a story, a movie, or a song, the one constant theme I am finding is how weak the women are portrayed to be. Their greatest motivation and purpose in life is to love or be loved or find love or keep love or be married… these characters are being depicted without depth.

My intention for today is to really look at the depth of each of my female leads. They all come from a certain time and place with so much tradition but in many ways they are NOT traditional. These women I am writing break these stereotypes… they are strong, they are smart, they have much to say. I am watching their relationships unfold. How they were as little girls… how these girls speak to one another, how they play, the girls who are picked for everything, the girl who is left out of the games… the many different types of personalities… the girl who is the ring leader, the follower, the trendsetter, the one with all the answers to every question, the girls who are too grown… the girl who raises her hand often, the shy girl who begins to build character and confidence each time the teacher chooses her to speak and the bully. They speak so low sometimes… afraid to be heard… we must change this.

10 minutes… The areas where I hold back have everything to do with navigating the range of emotions in the story… I don’t want to be touched/effected by the words or seen a certain way… I can’t concern myself with that. This is not my story! These characters are not me! And when I get out of their way and remove myself from the story their truth unfolds… so today I will release my need to hold back anger… I will not control my characters voice… And so it is.

30 minutes… writing in scene… ask my characters the questions: “What can you no longer hold back? What must be said? What must be done?”

Today’s prompts:

As I wake up this morning… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
In my sleep I found myself… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
In my writing yesterday… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
My intention for today… (Set timer for 5 minutes)

BREATHE!!! Stretch

10 minutes (brainstorming the range of emotions).

BREATHE!!! Stretch

30 minutes (Writing in scene… ask my characters the questions: “What can you no longer hold back? What must be said? What must be done?”) BEGIN!

Have the most beautiful day!

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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