Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 17

As I wake up this morning I was not ready to turn the lights on. I wasn’t ready to start this day. I wasn’t ready to come out of the darkness. I found myself laying in bed for thirty minutes just being with my thoughts and trying to remember my dreams. What’s beautiful about this time of day is how quiet it is in Harlem at 5am. The other thing I love about this time of day is the stillness. There is stillness found in not moving. I never would have imagined that this time of day could be so peaceful. I am up before everyone in this house and I am not called to meet the demands of anyone. The only person I have to answer to at this time of day is me. And most days I am just silent. I am quiet. I don’t move. I sit comfortably. I play music. I only speaking when necessary and only in order to give out writing prompts.

What I am feeling today is a connection to stillness and a reminder to not rush my day.

When I rush I am careless. When I rush I am clumsy. When I rush I forget things. When I rush I hurt myself… For real I’ve never been clumsy and rushing makes me walk into things I forget are right where I put them.

Today I am not in a rush.

In my dreams I found myself… picking at my body. Peeling things! (yeah its gross just thinking about it… imagine how I feel? The thought alone makes my face wrinkle).

The message about peeling was around tending to my feet. I am being called to really pay attention to where I am headed and the roads I am traveling. What am I standing on? What is beneath me? What is it that holds me up? I am called to look at the path I am taking. The pain I am feeling at the root of my feet has to do with the foot chakra.

Where am I headed? Where am I planted. How have I been connecting to the earth? How have I tapped into the earth’s energy for what I need? I am being called to commune with him.. Oggun!

I have been called many times over the last few months to go commune with nature… my dreams confirm this. Opening my foot chakras so that I am more able to receive the wisdom and guidance that only the earth can give me.

Planting seeds… Setting roots… being grounded here… making a choice to stay put! This is what I am meditating on this morning. (Write more about this Alicia)

My intention for today is to tend to my feet. The source of manifestation. As writers we tend to sit for hours. We may not pamper ourselves enough. Today I will use stones to give myself a massage and connect. My intention for my writing is to be more open and firmly planted. To open myself up to the root of my source and pay attention to entry points for my story. Paying extra attention to the entry points of my life. I am called to be open to where my inspiration rises from.

I am thinking a lot about drumming this morning. The power of the drum. How spirits enter the body through the feet. This isn’t something that I have been taught… this is something that I have experienced. I will write more about the drum later. For today I will focus on the things that need to be said.

Wishing you moments of stillness!

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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Today’s prompts:

As I wake up this morning… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
What I am feeling today is… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
In my dreams I found myself… (Set timer for 5 minutes)
My intention for today… (Set timer for 5 minutes)


10 minute prompt: Free write looking at who your character/characters are at this point in the story. Where is your character headed? What has been achieved in the middle section of your story? Reflect on what is next? What’s coming?

BREATHE!!! Stretch

10 minute: Brainstorm a conversation between two characters. Something that needs to be said. Pay attention to what is being revealed in this conversation.

30 minute: Further develop this scene. Start at the beginning. Really set this scene up for us. Take us through this conversation describing facial expressions, pay attention to their body cues and non-verbals. BEGIN!

© 2014 Alicia Anabel Santos. All Rights Reserved.

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