Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 24

The Writer and The Story

Friday, October 24th

As I wake up this morning I dreamt about initiations. This process of accepting a new way of life. A process of accepting a different path one that you weren’t raised with yet feel a pull towards. Initiations like an indoctrination into a new way of viewing the world and my spiritual practice. My dreams were filled with language, colors, rhythms and love. I dreamt about readings and events… initiations… and religion. . I dreamt about studying and mastery. I dreamt of things that require solitude. I dreamt of things that require committment. Today I am thinking about my initiation.

What has risen for me today are spiritual matters… my heart, my spirit, my practice, my journey… study to me means adding important elements to my daily practice… receiving messages about initiations for me means that there is something that I haven’t tended to or as a…

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