Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 25

Saturday, October 25th

As I wake this morning … it is a beautiful Saturday morning and we have already accomplished so much for Josie’s shower. We have zero stress. Everything is purchased. All of the food is prepared. The gifts are bought. The hall is decorated in blues and pinks. Because my sister is a crazed Star Wars fanatic the theme is everything Star Wars. Today my only goal is to see her happy… I love her so much.

The challenges I am experiencing are around really dedicating the time required to write my story. It is hard for me to sit here today and focus on writing my meditation.

Why is it so hard for me to really stick with what I must do when I am around my family? Why do I feel like I have to pick one? It has been challenging to even post my blogs while I am out here which is why I am days behind. My blog requires my attention and when I am home with the family it is hard for me to to stick to my routine. How can I take my routine with me everywhere I go. This is a major struggle for me… I struggle with things that compete for my time. I will not be hard on myself today. The blogs will get posted when they get posted. Although it has taken me days to get back… I am back on my grind!

What I know must be accomplished… are reading the manuscripts for my WFW students… I have much to deliver and I have every intention of doing so…

My intention for today is to throw the most beautiful shower and really my intention is to enjoy every moment of being with my family.

Today’s prompts:

As I wake up this morning… (set timer for 5 minutes)
The challenges I am experiencing… (set timer for 5 minutes)
What I know must be accomplished… (set timer for 5 minutes)
My intention for today… (set timer for 5 minutes)

10 minutes: Today we are brainstorming/freewriting around CONFLICTS! What are all of the conflicts that my character will face throughout the story? What will the resolution be? How are we tying things up in our stories? What are the things that require tying up for ALL the characters in our stories? We should be thinking about everything that has moved the story along to get to the end… how do we get to the end? List all the conflicts and lets look at how it will or will not get resolved!

30 minutes of writing: The work we are going to be doing for the last few days… As we wrap up I am focusing on endings. There is a lot we have to do and much we must step up to. We are breainstorming the ending. We are flushing it all out. The point of this 30 minutes is to really look at how we can make our endings stronger… what has all this been for? Tying things up does not mean putting a pretty little bow on it. As with all things in life everything is not a happily ever after story… sometimes endings are just that THE END!

Pick one conflict from above and write the scene as it is/or is not resolved.

For example in my story there is a character who betrays the main the character… so the resolution of this conflict is a face to face scene where all is revealed…

Here are some starter prompts (One of the four or do all four)

In the end she will…

In the end they will..

In the end I will…

In the end we will… BEGIN!

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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