Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 26 & 27

The Writer and The Story

Sunday, October 26th and Monday, October 27th:

For whatever reason Sunday’s meditation did not get recorded on the call it was completely erased when I went back to replay it.

So I have decided to re-record Sunday’s message as Monday’s meditation…

Sunday, October 26th

As I wake up this morning I feel rested. I slept like ten hours. My body also needed it. Today is my last day with my family. My sister’s baby shower was beautiful. She announced that she is having a son. Yes I wanted a girl… but I am happy that he is coming.

Raising boys…
What kind of a boy will he be?
What kind of man?

I am meditating on the fact that I know I will be a good tia. He will need to learn some things early. We have some deep conversations about roles… gender roles… who does what… who…

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